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3 ACE Vitamins for Skincare!

Ok so just recently during our consultations I have had a client tell me they are happy with their current products and then go on to explain – I use this serum because it has lemon grass in it, I

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6 Steps to Skin Health

. 1. Protection, Protection, Protection Becoming sun-wise by using a broad spectrum sun protection cream and staying out of the Sun between 12-3pm, protect against UVA & UVB, REMEMEBER  is the ageing rays and UVB is the burning rays also

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Beautiful Skin for a Life Time – ENVIRON Vitamin A Skincare

   How do we get beautiful skin for a lifetime – I always get asked what I use on my skin? For the last 8 years I have been using Environ Skincare products and being the grand old age of

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Environ Vitamin A Skincare

New blog coming soon, the benefits to Vitamin A in topical skincare!!!

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5 Steps to great winter skin!

NOW  IS THE TIME TO  UP THE  ANTE  ON  YOUR  SKINCARE  ROUTINE.  The  cold  blustery outdoors TO  A WARM COSY indoors CAUSES STRESS TO YOUR SKIN. If the skin’s natural barrier is weakened, moisture is lost and the surface layers

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