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4 Reason’s to CLEANSE OUR SKIN!

Why do we cleanse?… For the last few weeks I have had a few clients explaining to me that they don’t need to cleanse as they don’t wear make up! HELLO have you looked out side lately, lorries, trains, trucks,

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Blueberries – bursting with anti oxidants!!

I was chanel hopping on the TV recently and came across a  programme  on SUPERFOODS and 5 women were given blueberries to eat every day and then tested to see the improvements on their skin with great results so I

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Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

Amazingly a lot of people don’t know the difference between dry skin & dehydrated skin!!  Winter is a particular challenging time of year as we bounce between cold and heated environments, we wrap up well and stay indoors more. Dry skin

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Top Tips on Buying Skincare!!

Tips on Buying Skincare!  Department Store or Skin Clinic?   Do you get confused when buying skincare? Do you find yourself walking around department stores feeling intimidated or worse, seeing an advert and then become convinced that this is a

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