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4 Reason’s to CLEANSE OUR SKIN!

Why do we cleanse?… For the last few weeks I have had a few clients explaining to me that they don’t need to cleanse as they don’t wear make up! HELLO have you looked out side lately, lorries, trains, trucks,

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Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

Amazingly a lot of people don’t know the difference between dry skin & dehydrated skin!!  Winter is a particular challenging time of year as we bounce between cold and heated environments, we wrap up well and stay indoors more. Dry skin

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Christmas – Lots of parties = Dull skin

Follow my 6 Top Tips to Keeping YOUR skin looking fresh the Christmas. So very easy to forget about your skin, Cleansing is such an important part in your routine more so during the festive season. So come on girls

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5 Reason’s to ditch skip wipes!!

Skin wipes encourages lazy skin care! Things to remember: They usually leave an oily residue on the skin, preventing your moisturizer from penetrating & doing its job. You would use a lot of wipes to get all make up and

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Omega 3 Oils – Beat The Blues!

With few daylight hours in the winter, serotonin (the happy brain chemical) decreases, so ideally up your oily fish intake or purchase a good quality omega 3 oil!! Fatty Fish such as salmon, tuna and trout are rich in omega 3

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