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Retinol: A Product To Be Respected

Retinol is a product that no beauty therapist or aesthetic practitioner committed to remedial skin care should be without. It has a versatility and efficacy which addresses the most prevalent and persistent skin conditions of concern to our clients including…

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5 Top Tips – All about Sun Protection!

We love the SUN and it is vital for healthy skin, it helps to regenerate the skin, it is a natural source of vitamin D, with an immense feel good factor BUT it can also be damaging!! There are two

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4 Reason’s to CLEANSE OUR SKIN!

Why do we cleanse?… For the last few weeks I have had a few clients explaining to me that they don’t need to cleanse as they don’t wear make up! HELLO have you looked out side lately, lorries, trains, trucks,

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Get rid of unwanted Hair!

Okay so I know my blogs are normally all about skincare but with the colder winter weather and dark nights drawing in and everyone wrapping up warm, we practically put our bodies into hibernation!! Seems strange to be thinking about

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6 Great Tips to glowing Winter skin!!

Follow my Tips for the best Winter skin you can have!!

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Blueberries – bursting with anti oxidants!!

I was chanel hopping on the TV recently and came across a  programme  on SUPERFOODS and 5 women were given blueberries to eat every day and then tested to see the improvements on their skin with great results so I

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New Redness Relief Primer!!

So if something is working “Why change it”? Is usually what I ask, however my rep gave me a sample of the latest from the Ultra Calming Range the all new Redness Relief Primer! First thing I noticed is the

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