Retinol: A Product To Be Respected

Good read Sally, thanks x

Retinol is a product that no beauty therapist or aesthetic practitioner committed to remedial skin care should be without. It has a versatility and efficacy which addresses the most prevalent and persistent skin conditions of concern to our clients including acne, ageing, pigmentation, irregular texture and scarring.

It is, however, a product to be respected and used with care, so a full understanding of its nature and application protocol is essential to avoid adverse skin reactions.

Retinol comes from a family of compounds called retinoids which are derived from Vitamin A and they have been used medically in both oral and topical forms over the last century to treat a variety of dermatological conditions. Indeed there is evidence that retinoids are efficacious in the treatment of over 125 skin diseases and disorders. These include acne, post acne scarring, psoriasis, ichthyosis and, more recently, for addressing the ageing process and photodamage…

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I own a fantastic skincare clinic in Stratford upon Avon, skincare is my passion and I believe everyone can have great skin. I work with great brands like Environ, dermalogica & Jane Iredale mineral make up. I also have a wicked sense of humor and believe my cup is always half full!!!

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