Are you a skincare JUNKIE?

Should you mix and match your products?


There are no right or wrongs here everything depends on how well you or your skincare therapist know their ingredients and how well they work together, also having a clear understanding of your skin and how it reacts helps. The biggest problem can often be buying on impulse because the advert is very believable!!

Being loyal to one brand can work as you don’t need to worry about the ingredients working together as the product house has done that for you, being loyal to you skincare therapist is also great as she knows your skin and will research new products and keep you up to date or recommend changes and most importantly probably works with a couple of brands and can often cherry pick the best for you. A good skincare therapist should regularly revise your skin regime.

So here are the things to be aware of if you are mixing and matching yourself, be aware some ingredients don’t work well together, when you mix certain active ingredients  they may clash and render each other inactive and can cause skin sensitivity, breakouts dryness etc. AVOID mixing (AHA’s) Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Retinol as they both powerful ingredients and also exfoliate, I would go as far as saying don’t mix Retinol with any other exfoliant and only ever use Retinol at night as it can lead to sun sensitivity. Vitamin C is an impressive anti-oxidant & also builds up resistance to the sun! However when mixed with Copper Peptides, another popular anti –aging ingredient these two mixed together cancel each other out.

Easy guide – Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinol are like brothers they fight one another, Vit A and Vit C are like sisters they work well together, or “ACE”, Vitamins A, C & E work together like a family unit to normalize, hydrate & soothe! If it’s spots you’re worried about use Salicylic Acid based products as these mop up bacteria and exfoliate.

Quick re-cap:-

Don’t mix Retinol with active ingredients like AHA’s

Don’t mix Salicylic Acid with.. AHA’s & Retinol

Don’t mix Vitamin C with… Copper Peptides

Do mix Vitamins’ A, C & E as these are ACE on the skin

So next time your shopping for your skincare products, have a look at the ingredients before adding them to your skincare regime!!!!

Thanks for reading, Mary x


I own a fantastic skincare clinic in Stratford upon Avon, skincare is my passion and I believe everyone can have great skin. I work with great brands like Environ, dermalogica & Jane Iredale mineral make up. I also have a wicked sense of humor and believe my cup is always half full!!!

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2 comments on “Are you a skincare JUNKIE?
  1. sandie says:

    Thanks for the info Mary. Cause I don’t know ‘me retinols from me peptols’
    😹 I’ll play it safe and just use environ – it’s the best anyway and good value for money. I just give my other stuff to my nieces, so they can start a skin care regime. Their skin is youthful enough to cope with espa and other makes and it gets them into good habits, shame they’ll never be passed down environ off me 😕still they can buy it for themselves

  2. Thanks Sandie, yes I love Environ too but not everyone understands how great it is x

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